Yes, We're Open!

Yes, We're Open!

Posted by I Kick Shins on Mar 16th 2020

We've received quite a few messages lately asking if we're still open. Yes, we're still here! So far, USPS isn't planning any closures, and as long as they're able to pick up our packages, we'll keep sending them like we normally do. If you'd like to keep track of USPS's service in your area, check out their USPS Service Alerts page.

The stay-at-home order that's currently in effect for California will not affect our ability to ship orders -- yay for living in an apartment above the warehouse! We are also still able to receive deliveries, however many of our suppliers may have to close. Because of this, we have removed some special order products for the time being, and some products we usually carry may run out of stock.

Because the current situation is very unpredictable, we have also temporarily removed the guaranteed Priority Mail Express shipping option from checkout. We hope to bring it back in 3-6 months, and all other shipping options are still available. 

If circumstances change, we will let you all know. And if we do ever end up having to close, we will disable the shopping cart and put a big banner across the top of the website to let you know what's up. There will never be a point where we intentionally accept orders that we cannot ship.

Stay safe out there -- or rather, stay safe *inside* if you're able to, and keep washin' those hands according to CDC guidelines.

Last updated March 27th.