Photo Discount

Want to earn a 5% discount off your next order?

Then send us pictures of your fabulous hair creations! :)

We primarily use customer photo submissions on the product pages on our website, but they may also appear on our website in other ways, like the banners on the front page, as well as on our social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr).  You will be credited anywhere that your picture is used.

You can see an example of how customer pictures are used on product pages in our listing for Sweet Red kk jumbo braid.

To qualify for the discount, please send photos that meet the following guidelines:

  • The hair should show prominently in the pictures.
  • The pictures must be in color and without obvious/distracting editing. Feel free to hide a blemish, but no puppy face IG filters, please!
  • Pictures must measure a minimum of 500x500 pixels.  

How to Submit a Picture

If you would like a submit a photo, please use the form below, or e-mail us directly at

Got an old discount coupon from 2014 or earlier?

Let us know!  We switched over to a new shopping cart in 2015 and the old codes don't automatically work anymore, but if you message us with your code, we can add it to the new system manually :)