Kanekalon Jumbo Braid

Professional quality, easy sealing 100% kanekalon jumbo braid hair. Perfect for dreads, braids, twists, curls, waves, and curly dreads!

Most of our customers use around 6-10 bags of kanekalon jumbo braid for a full head of medium-sized box braids, and 8-12 for a full head of dreads.

To make dreads from kanekalon, backcomb the hair, twist it, and then seal with with a steamer, steam from a kettle, or boiling water. Don't use dry heat like a curling iron or straightener; dry heat will cause the plastic to melt.

Kanekalon seals at around 176°F (80°C). If you're at a high enough altitude where water boils at a lower temperature than that, we recommend using steam instead.

Some of our kanekalon jumbo braid products have an alkaline lye coating on them, and others do not. If you have a sensitive scalp, we recommend doing  an ACV rinse before installing your extensions.

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