Restock Calendar

Restock information is based on the latest information we have from our suppliers. Please understand that the information here is approximate and may change.

Once a product is back in stock, it will not be listed on this page anymore. We post restock updates on Twitter.

Braiding Hair

  • Festival Braid, Moss Green - May 3rd.
  • Festival Braid, Pure White - May 3rd.
  • Mood Braid (all colors) - Late July/early August.
  • Pre-Stretched 26" Kanekalon Braid, 4 Dark Brown - May 3rd.
  • Pre-Stretched 26" Kanekalon Braid, Turquoise - May 3rd.
  • Pre-Stretched 28" Kanekalon Braid, Pastel Pink (new!) - June 6th.
  • RastAfri Classic KK Jumbo Braid, Pastel Pink - This color is currently on backorder at RastAfri. We will order more when it's available again.

The following products will not be restocked:

  • High Heat Festival Braid in 1B Off Black with Fuchsia Tips, 1B Off Black with Light Strawberry Blond Tips, 1B Off Black with Navy Blue Tips, 1B Off Black with Nickel Grey Tips, Anemone, Berry Pink with Teal Tips, Countess, Flame, and Stoplight.
  • I Kick Shins kk jumbo braid in 10 Medium Brown, 12 Light Brown, 600 Silvery Snow, 1001 Creamy White, 1B Off Black/Royal Blue Mix, Apple Red, Carnation Ombré, Cerise, Dark Green, Dark Mint Green, Dark Red, Grape, Grapefruit, Light Grape, Orchid Purple, Tomato Red, Seafoam Green, Sunset, and Vibrant Purple.
  • I Kick Shins marley braid in 44 Gunmetal, 600 Silvery Snow, 613 Platinum Blond, 1001 Creamy White, Dark Green, Light Blue, Ocean Blue, and Periwinkle.
  • All Black N Gold products.
  • All Eve products.
  • All Janet Collection products.
  • Bamboo Twist.
  • Bulk synthetic silky curls.
  • Clip-in hair extensions (all styles and brands).
  • Cyberlox.
  • Dreadlock Braid.
  • Highlight Braid (all colors). We will not be restocking Highlight Braid due to the color bleeding issue, but we have quite a bit in stock already so it will still be around for a while. We are currently looking into options for alternative multicolored fibers and are hoping to replace Highlight Braid with something a little less delicate.
  • Loom bands.
  • Plastic Lacing & Tubing (all styles and brands).
  • Pre-bonded hair extensions (all styles and brands).
  • Pre-stretched 3X Highlight Braid. Regular packs of Highlight Braid will continue to be available.
  • Weaving hair (all styles and brands).
  • ZiZi Braid.
  • Zury Fast Braid Triple.
  • Zury Neon Box Braid.