About Us

About Us

Here at I Kick Shins, we're all about color!

Back in 2001, our founder Sarah started out making custom hairpieces, wigs, and extensions. Always a sucker for a nice set of rainbow locks, she sourced braiding hair from many different brands in order to offer as wide a range of color options as possible.

Eventually, that grew into selling the braiding hair itself. In 2008, I Kick Shins branched out into working with manufacturers to create our own custom shades, and here we are today! With 300+ choices for kanekalon jumbo braid, 50+ for marley braid, and tons of alternative fibers for even more variety, we're proud to offer one of the widest selections of braiding hair colors in the US.

Sarah is no longer doing custom work, but she's still behind the scenes packing your orders with love--and she's always on the hunt for more innovative, interesting, and most of all colorful hair.



I Kick Shins launches with handmade hairpieces, extensions, and wigs.


I Kick Shins expands to offer kanekalon jumbo braid from brands like Anytime Collection and RastAfri.


Baby's first manufacturing run! Our first batch of our own kanekalon jumbo braid officially goes live in December.


High heat is now on the scene! Our first Festival Braid colors were Olive Green, Pistachio, and Neon Purple.


Sarah retires from making custom hairpieces due to a hand injury, but hey, the glass is half full! That just leaves more time to focus on braiding hair :)


Speaking of braiding hair, 2014 is when we started making our own marley braid colors!

2023 & BEYOND

The sky's the limit! We're currently working on expanding our lines of pre-stretched hair and Sparkle Braid.


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