Pre-Stretched Freed'm Silky

Pre-stretched Freed'm Silky Braid from RastAfri is the same silky soft, easy sealing fiber as their regular Freed'm Silky Braid, but it's got pre-stretched (aka feathered or tapered) ends to save you valuable prep time! Pre-Stretched Freed'm Silky Braid also comes in several colors that aren't available from the regular line.

Although Pre-stretched Freed'm Silky Braid packs contain the same amount of hair as in the regular Freed'm Silky Braid, Pre-Stretched Freed'm Silky Braid tends to be braided a bit tighter inside the packaging, so it looks like less at first glance. Be sure to check out our blog post about Pre-Stretched Freed'm Silky Braid for size comparison pictures.

RastAfri's braiding hair does not have an alkaline lye coating on it, but if you've got a sensitive scalp, it never hurts to do an ACV rinse anyway!

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