Pre-Stretched Freed'm Silky

Pre-stretched Freed'm Silky Braid from RastAfri is the same silky soft, easy sealing fiber as their regular Freed'm Silky Braid, but it's got pre-stretched (aka feathered or tapered) ends to save you valuable prep time! Pre-Stretched Freed'm Silky Braid also comes in several colors that aren't available from the regular line.

Although Pre-stretched Freed'm Silky Braid packs contain the same amount of hair as in the regular Freed'm Silky Braid, Pre-Stretched Freed'm Silky Braid tends to be braided a bit tighter inside the packaging, so it looks like less at first glance. Be sure to check out our blog post about Pre-Stretched Freed'm Silky Braid for size comparison pictures.

We have received one report from a customer that a batch of Navy Blue Redux from May 2023 had some color bleeding issues. Just to be on the safe side, we recommend doing an ACV rinse to remove excess dye on darker colors in case something like that ever happens again.

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