Sparkle Braid

Sparkle and shine on the outside like you know you already do on the inside!

Sparkle Braid is high heat braiding hair (the same fiber as our Festival Braid) with strands of tinsel blended into it.

For styles like bubble braids, Dutch braids, braided pigtails, etc, most people use around 2-3 packs. If you're doing Dutch or French braided pigtails and just using it to add a little bit of color, 1 pack divided in half can work.

The tinsel that's blended into Sparkle Braid doesn't handle heat very well, so we recommend avoiding hot tools like curling irons or straighteners on it.

This hair does not have an alkaline lye coating on it, but if you've got a sensitive scalp, it never hurts to do an ACV rinse anyway!