I Kick Shins

Save prep time with pre-stretched braiding hair! Pre-stretched (aka pre-feathered or pre-tapered braiding hair) comes down to a natural taper at the ends, as opposed to the blunt ends in a normal pack. Our pre-stretched kanekalon braid is low heat, hot water set, flame retardant, and just generally pretty awesome :)

Please note that our pre-stretched hair is not the same fiber as our regular, unstretched I Kick Shins kk jumbo braid. We carry two slightly different fibers for pre-stretched hair:

Pre-Stretched 26": This hair is pre-stretched and has a moderate crimp to it that's fairly similar to Amazon 3X. It comes in 90g packs.

Pre-Stretched 28" Ultra: This hair is pre-stretched and has more of a traditional jumbo braid texture compared to the 26" hair, but is not as kinky as our regular kk jumbo braid. It comes in 85g packs. 

This hair does not have an alkaline lye coating on it, but if you've got a sensitive scalp, it never hurts to do an ACV rinse anyway!

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