Tutorial: How to Make Silky Curl Falls

Tutorial: How to Make Silky Curl Falls

Posted by Sarah on Feb 24th 2017

Silky curl falls are hairpieces that are worn over a ponytail or bun to achieve the look of bouncy ringlet curls without the hassle of curling your hair.  In this tutorial, we'll cover how to make silky curl falls from bags of premade synthetic silky curl hair extensions.


  • 4 bags of silky curls
  • 2 hair ties or strips of stretch lace
  • Scissors
  • Something to hang the curls on, like a hook, towel rack, or clothes hanger.

    Image: Silky curls, hair ties, scissors, and a hanger


  • If you prefer long curls that are the full length of the package, use 4 bags per fall (8 bags total) and skip the cutting step. Be forewarned, though, the long ones can be quite heavy!
  • A bag of silky curls contains 4 curls, doubled over to make 8 strands.  So if you're using homemade curls, you'll need to make 16 curls to follow this tutorial.


  1. Open up each bag of curls and make sure the rubber band holding them together is roughly at the middle of the strands.

    Image: Four bags of silky curls

  2. Cut the first bag in half on one side of the rubber band. Hang the cut pieces on your hook, and set aside the other half that's still held together by the rubber band.
    Image: Cutting silky curl bundles in half
  3. Repeat with the next three bags.
    Image: Silky curls cut and hanging from the hanger hook
  4. Loop an elastic around your bundle of curls or tie the lace around it. You can also individually attach each curl to the rubber band or lace by folding each piece over and fastening with a small rubber band or ortho band, but we find that they hang better when they're all bunched up together.
    Image: A completed silky curl fall
  5. Now onto the next fall! Carefully remove the rubber band from the other half of the first bag, and hang the curls on the hook. Repeat with the next three bags, rubber band them all together and then you're done!Image: A pair of silky curl falls