High Heat Festival Braid, Vibrant Rainbow

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High Heat Festival Braid, Vibrant Rainbow

Our High Heat Festival Braid is made from heat resistant synthetic fiber and is commonly used for festival and rave braid styles. It's quite durable and tough, has a heat resistance of 250°F (120°C), sometimes higher, and tends to be a little bit more slinky and slippery than kanekalon jumbo braid.

Due to the smoother texture and denser fiber, Festival Braid packs are less voluminous than packs of jumbo braid in the same weight. You can see a size comparison of Festival Braid next to different styles of jumbo braid here. If you're using it for box braids, we recommend getting a couple more packs than you normally would use; most of our customers use around 8-14 packs of Festival Braid for a full head of box braids.

Boiling water usually isn't quite hot enough to seal Festival Braid. Festival Braid will not shrink down like regular kanekalon, and will stay quite soft even when it's set. You can more learn about working with Festival Braid here.

Length: 24" folded, 48" unfolded (60 cm folded, 120 cm unfolded).

Weight: 3.5 ounces (100 g).

Texture: Smooth, only very slightly kinky yaki texture. Festival Braid strands are slightly thicker in diameter and a bit denser than kanekalon jumbo braid.

Brand: I Kick Shins.

Color: Vibrant Rainbow.

We currently have some stock available with darker blue and cooler purple at the ends, as well as some with darker blue and much darker and cooler purple at the ends. You can see a color comparison between the three versions of Vibrant Rainbow in the last product picture.

This color is slightly UV reactive. It glows under blacklight, but it's not particularly bright.

Customer Photos:

  • In the ninth picture, Yvette is wearing  braids made from Vibrant Rainbow.
  • In the tenth through twelfth pictures, Magic Hands, LLC used Vibrant Rainbow for braids.
  • In the thirteenth picture, Wandering Hair Design (Instagram / Facebook) used Vibrant Rainbow for braided pigtails.
  • In the fourttenth and fifteenth pictures, Jemstyles is wearing twists in Vibrant Rainbow.
  • In the sixteenth picture, Brandon is wearing braids in Vibrant Rainbow.
  • In the eventeenth through twentieth pictures, Lexi (Instagram / Twitter) is wearing braids in 1 Black and Vibrant Rainbow.
  • In the twenty-first picture, Midnight Pandemic used Vibrant Rainbow along with kk jumbo braid in 1 Black and Grape Crush to make synthetic dreads.
  • In the twenty-second picture, Art By Domi (EtsyFacebook / Instagram) used Vibrant Rainbow for braids.
  • In the twenty-third picture, Art By Domi (Etsy / Facebook / Instagram) used Vibrant Rainbow to make single-looped twist extensions.

Color Comparisons:

The last three product pictures are color comparison shots that show the following:

  • Vibrant Rainbow on the left, and Medium Red, Sunrise, Blizzard Blue, and Plum from top to bottom on the right. All five colors are Festival Braid.
  • Vibrant Rainbow on the left, and kk jumbo braid in Red, Yellow, Sea Glass, and Orchid from top to bottom on the right.
  • Vibrant Rainbow with cooler ends on the left, regular Vibrant Rainbow in the middle, Vibrant Rainbow with darker ends on the right.

We do our best to take careful photographs of our products that show their appearance accurately. However, every screen is calibrated differently, and different types of lighting can affect color appearance, so the way a color appears on your device may not be exactly how it looks in person.

We recommend ordering color samples to ensure an accurate match.

If you'd like us to make recommendations from a photo, email us at and we'll be happy to help. Or for color matching in person, just send a sample of your hair--or anything that you want us to match the color of--in a plastic baggy to:

I Kick Shins
690 Roberts Rd #383
Pacifica, CA 94044
United States

Please make sure to put the sample in a plastic bag along with a note indicating what product you want your sample matched with (for example, something like "kanekalon jumbo braid" or "RastAfri marley braid") and your email address in the envelope. When we receive it, we'll match it up and let you know what comes closest.

Please do not put your e-mail address inside the plastic bag. The only thing that should be in the bag is the hair sample.

We are also happy to take color comparison pictures for you. If you'd like to see a few similar colors side by side, contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!