High Heat Size Comparison

Due to the smoother texture and denser fiber, Festival Braid packs are less voluminous than packs of jumbo braid in the same weight. You can see a size comparison below.

High Heat Sparkle Braid and Glow Yaki Braid also come in the same size packs as Festival Braid.

From left to right, the colors and products in the photo are:

  • RastAfri Freed'm Silky Braid in Sherbert, 80g
  • RastAfri Original Classic Jumbo Braid in Sky Blue, 80g
  • High Heat Festival Braid in Hot Purple, 80g
  • I Kick Shins kk jumbo braid in Neon Lemon Lime, 100g

Size comparison from left to right: Freed'm Silky Braid, Original Classic Jumbo Braid, Festival Braid, and IKS KK Jumbo Braid