Coil Hair Jewels, Gold

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Coil Hair Jewels, Gold

Coil hair jewels from RastAfri are coiled tubes of wire that can be worn straight out of the pack as dread cuffs, or stretched out over braids, dreads, or twists for a wire-wrapped look.

Coil hair jewels are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Each package contains two coils. In the first two product pictures, the coil on the left is small, the one in the middle is large, and the one on the right is medium. In the third picture that shows the packaging, the small coils are on the top, medium coils are on the bottom left, and large coils are on the bottom right.

Size: All sizes have a roughly 10 mm diameter opening. The tube part of the large coils measures 15 mm tall, not counting the spirals at the ends. Medium measures 12 mm tall, and small measures 10 mm tall.

Brand: RastAfri.

Color: Gold.