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  • RastAfri Highlight Braid Closeout Lot #1
    Save 83%
    Save 83%

    RastAfri Highlight Braid Closeout Lot #1

    Highlight Braid is a style of kanekalon jumbo braid where the individual strands of hair are multicolored. It's similar to our multicolored Festival Braid, but it seals much easier with boiling water or steam. Perfect for making dread extensions, box...
  • Color Samples, Highlight Braid Examples of color samples

    Color Samples, Highlight Braid

    Color samples for RastAfri Highlight Braid consist of pieces of hair that are taped to a small 1.75" x 3.5" note card. You can find our full color chart for kk jumbo braid here, and you can find our selection of RastAfri Highlight...