​New Names for Select Glow Yaki and IKS KK Jumbo Braid

​New Names for Select Glow Yaki and IKS KK Jumbo Braid

Posted by I Kick Shins on May 3rd 2023

Our multicolored Glow Yaki Braid and some of our IKS KK Jumbo Braid blends have very utilitarian, kinda boring names. We're anything but boring around here, so it's time for a change! The following colors are getting new names as of today.

Multicolored Glow Yaki Braid

Color Swatch New Name Old Name


Antarcti-Cutie Light Denim/Lavender/White


Arcti-Cutie White/Light Denim/Lavender


Chemicool Lavender/Mojito/Aqua
Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Bright Lilac/Light Pink/Aqua


Fairytale Lilac/Aqua/Ice Pink


Mintastic Light Denim/Aqua/Lilac

Pastel Rainbow

Pastel Rainbow Light Denim/Snow Pink/Pink Lilac/Light Yellow


Tropi-Cutie Candyfloss/Light Denim/Mojito


Unicorn Mojito/Light Denim/Snow Pink/Lilac


Waterslide Light Denim/Lavender/Snow Pink

IKS KK Jumbo Braid

Color Swatch New Name Old Name


Garnet 1B Off Black/Red Mix


Halloween 1B Off Black/Orange Mix

Honey Bee

Honey Bee 1B Off Black/Yellow Mix



IKS "Crinkle Twist Braid" marley braid in this color will also be renamed to Lucky.
1B Off Black/Emerald Green Mix


Serpent 1B Off Black/Lime Green Mix

If you've got an account with us and have ordered any of these in the past, they'll automatically show up with the new names in your order history. If you've got any of them bookmarked, the old links will redirect you to the new ones. We have relabeled all of our older stock with the new names, so any orders going forward will have the correct, new names on the packaging.

And if you've ordered something in the past, lost the packaging, and aren't sure what it's called, contact us! We're always happy to try and figure it out from pictures or from your order history.