S'Getti Hollow Plastic Lacing 5 Yds, Neon Purple

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Neon Purple S'Getti round plastic lacing by Pepperell

S'getti is a round, hollow plastic lacing that's mainly used for kids' crafts like key fobs, lanyards, and jewelry, but is also a great accent for hair extensions (especially cyberlox falls!)    These hand-cut 5 yard bundles are great for adding a small amount of accents, or for mixing and matching for projects that call for a wide variety of colors.


  • 5/64" - 3/32" (.081" or about 2mm) round.
  • Hole size is approximate and may vary:  1/32" (.03" or .7mm)
  • 5 yards (4.57 m) per bundle.

Color: Neon Purple.