Rexlace RexDuo Plastic Lacing 100 Yds, Purple/Medium Purple (Neon Magenta)

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Purple/Medium Purple two tone "Rexduo" rexlace

Rexlace, also known as boondoggle or gimp, is a flat plastic lacing that's mainly used for kids' crafts like key fobs, lanyards, and jewelry, but is also a great accent for hair extensions (especially cyberlox falls!)  RexDuo Rexlace is two-tone, where one side of the lacing is one solid color, and the other side is a different color.


  • 3/32" (.092" or 2.3mm) wide.
  • 1/32" (.035" or 0.88mm) thick.
  • 100 yards (91 m) per spool.

Color: Purple on one side, Medium Purple on the other.  The Purple side is showing on the outside of the spool in the first picture.  The spools are labeled as being "Purple/Neon Magenta," but the Neon Magenta side was made the wrong color by the manufacturer and is very clearly purple and not pink.