Photo Discount (FAQ)

How do I get the discount?

You send pictures to us using the photo upload form, or you can email them to us directly at [email protected].

Sorry, but we currently are not able to accept submissions via DMs on social media.

What types of photos can I send?

To qualify for the discount, please send photos that meet the following guidelines:

  • The hair should show prominently in the pictures.
  • The pictures must be in color and without obvious/distracting editing. Feel free to hide a blemish, but no puppy face filters, please!
  • Pictures must measure a minimum of 500x500 pixels.
  • It's okay to be shy! Pictures with your face covered, close-ups that just show the hair, and pictures taken from behind are all totally fine.

When does my coupon code expire?

Photo discount coupons expire after you use them. Usually, the coupon is good for one order unless otherwise noted.

If you send in a bunch of pictures of different colors/styles/products, your coupon code will be useable for each one. In those cases, we will tell you how many uses your code is good for when we email it to you.

Unused photo discount coupons don't have an expiration date, so if you've got one from a few years ago, go ahead and use it!

How will my pictures be used?

Your pictures may be added to the product pages for the products you're wearing, and will usually be shared on our Facebook and Instagram accounts as well.

When will my pictures be posted?

We update the website with photo submissions every 1-2 weeks or so.

As far as Instagram and Facebook go, sometimes it can take a while. We try not to post the same thing repeatedly, so for example, if we have 10 submissions of people wearing Amber braids, we'll try to space them out a bit over a few weeks. We also post less often when we're dealing with high order volume, and sometimes it just takes us a while to come up with a good caption.

We occasionally save pictures for specific posts. For example, if you send us a really cool picture of yourself wearing black and orange twists, we might wait until October and post it for Halloween.

If your pictures don't get shared right away, please don't take it personally. It's not your looks or your hair or anything like that. We'll get to it eventually, we promise! :)

Can I credit my stylist, photographer, MUA, or someone other than myself?

Go for it! Feel free to include additional information anywhere on the form that works best for you.

Can I change the name or links that my pictures are credited to?

Sure! If you've changed your Instagram name, built a new website, etc, we're happy to update the links in our captions to reflect that. Just contact us and let us know your new info, and we'll update it as soon as possible.