Multicolored Kanekalon

We carry three styles of multicolored kanekalon braid: regular kanekalon where two or more solid colors of different lengths are blended to create an ombré effect, kanekalon Highlight Braid where each individual strand of hair is multicolored, and high heat kanekalon where each individual strand of hair is actually two or more colors.

Because high heat kanekalon has a smoother texture--and in the case Ultra Rainbow, comes smaller bags than kanekalon jumbo braid--you'll need more of it for most styles. If you're making synthetic dreads, the texture isn't as much of an issue because you'll be backcombing the hair anyway and creating volume that way. For braids, it will depend on how tight you normally braid, but a bag or two more than you normally use is a good estimate.

Please note that Highlight Braid and Color Braid can sometimes bleed when used with leave-in oils, especially those containing tea tree or orange oil. If you normally use conditioning oil on your natural hair or scalp, stick with regular kk jumbo braid or high heat multicolored kanekalon instead -- or do a deep cleanse to remove any oil from your natural hair prior to installing Highlight Braid and Color Braid.

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