Kanekalon Jumbo Braid Color Rings

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Kanekalon Jumbo Braid Color Rings

This set of three color rings contains all of the solid, blended, and blended ombré colors available for kanekalon jumbo braid braiding hair, except for Amazon 3X colors. Multicolored colors (i.e RastAfri Highlight Braid, Sensationnel Color Braid, and Janet kk jumbo braid) also are not part of this color ring set.

Size: Approximately 175 swatches total, divided up onto four snap rings.

Brand: I Kick Shins.

Color: All solid, blended, and blended ombré kk jumbo braid colors, except for Amazon 3X. 

F.Pink Passion, F.Purple Fantasy, F, Passion Fruit, and F.Pink Sunkiss do not have their own separate swatches, but all of their component colors are included individually. Seashore Ombré does not have a separate swatch, but all three parts of the blend (the Seashore blend at the top, 27/613 blend in the middle, and solid 613 at the ends) are included.

Discontinued 600 Silvery Snow, Golden Berry, Lemon Fizz Ombré, Light Grape, Light Green, and Tomato Red are also included on the rings. These colors are no longer available, but we've left them on in case something comes up where you need to match colors for someone that's used them in the past.