Highlight Braid

RastAfri's new Highlight Braid is multicolored kanekalon that seals easily for dreads, braids, and twists, available in two-, three-, and four-tone colors. This hair is not blended; the individual strands are actually multicolored.

We also have a few colors available in Sensationnel Color Braid, which is the same fiber as Highlight Braid -- just a different name because it's made by a different brand. Check it out here!

Highlight Braid seals a little more easily than our I Kick Shins brand of multicolored kanekalon, and it's got a fluffier, less slippery texture as well. Check out this blog post for examples of Highlight Braid in action! We used it to make a few sample dreads and braids and absolutely loved the results :D

Highlight Braid can sometimes bleed when used with leave-in oils, especially those containing tea tree or orange oil. If you normally use conditioning oil on your natural hair or scalp, stick with regular kk jumbo braid or high heat multicolored kanekalon instead -- or do a deep cleanse to remove any oil from your natural hair prior to installing Highlight Braid.