High Heat Kanekalon

Tough and durable high heat braiding hair, commonly used for wig making, braids, and dreads.

High heat kanekalon is, as the name implies, kanekalon with a high resistance to heat; it can withstand temperatures around 250°F (120°C), sometimes higher.

It tends to stay quite soft even when it's set and will not shrink down the way regular kanekalon does.

It's also much softer and silkier than regular kanekalon jumbo braid, and can be a bit slippery. High heat kanekalon comes in a considerably wider range of colors than regular kk, though, so sometimes it's worth the effort to work with!

We recommend using a steamer or a wet wash cloth and straightener to seal dreads. High heat kanekalon is best suited for crochet dreads. For braids, it's best to seal the ends with rubber bands or thread, or use a damp cloth/straightener (like with dreads).

Because high heat kanekalon has a smoother texture and are less voluminous than kanekalon jumbo braid, you'll need more of it for any given style. We recommend around 20% more than you'd normally use (so, for example, if you normally use 6-8 packs of kk jumbo braid, 8-10 packs of high heat should be about right).

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