High Heat Kanekalon Braid, Special Order Colors (Takes 1-2 Months to Ship)

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This product is available for pre-order only and will ship in approximately 1-2 months. (more info)
High heat kanekalon braiding hair

Please note that all of the colors available on this page are special order, and it will take around 1-2 months before they are shipped to you. If your order contains other items, everything will ship together once the special order comes in.

High heat kanekalon is a type of synthetic fiber used for wig making, braids, and dreads. It's quite durable and tough, and has a heat resistance of 250°F (120°C), sometimes higher. It's much softer and silkier than kanekalon and can be a bit slippery. It comes in a considerably wider range of colors than regular kk, though, so sometimes it's worth the effort to work with!

Boiling water sometimes isn't quite hot enough to seal high heat kanekalon. High heat kanekalon does not shrink down like regular kanekalon, and will stay quite soft even when it's set.

We recommend using a steamer or a wet wash cloth and straightener to seal dreads rather than boiling water. For braids, it's best to seal the ends with rubber bands or thread, or use a damp cloth/straightener (like with dreads).

Length: 24" folded, 48" unfolded (60 cm folded, 120 cm unfolded).

Weight: 2.8 ounces (80 g).

Texture: Smooth, only very slightly kinky yaky texture. Due to the smoother texture, high heat kanekalon packs are less voluminous than packs of kk jumbo braid in the same weight. Most of our customers use around 8-14 packs of high heat kk for a full head of box braids.

Please note that the color swatches in the product pictures were taken from a factory color ring, which has a silky/straight texture, so the swatches do not show the texture of the bags of hair.  Please refer to the first three product pictures for a better idea of what bags of high heat kk look like and use the swatches for color references only.

Brand: I Kick Shins.

Color: Banana Split, Coral Pink, Cream, Grass Green, Light Khaki, Neon Tangerine, Popcorn, Sea Blue, Snow Blue, Strawberry Shortcake, Summer Sky, Sunrise, Sunset, Tranquil Blue, Ultramarine, Warm Grey.

Color samples are not available for special order colors because we do not have them in stock, but if you'd like to see comparison photos with other colors or products, contact us and we'll be happy to take some using our factory color ring :)