Festival Braid

Our High Heat Festival Braid is made from heat resistant synthetic fiber and is commonly used for festival and rave braid styles. It's quite durable and tough, has a heat resistance of 250°F (120°C), sometimes higher, and tends to be a little bit more slinky and slippery than kanekalon jumbo braid.

For styles like bubble braids, Dutch braids, braided pigtails, etc, most people use around 2-3 packs. If you're doing Dutch or French braided pigtails and just using it to add a little bit of color, 1 pack divided in half can work.

Due to the smoother texture and denser fiber, Festival Braid packs are less voluminous than packs of jumbo braid in the same weight. You can see a size comparison of Festival Braid next to different styles of jumbo braid here. If you're using it for box braids, we recommend getting a couple more packs than you normally would use; most of our customers use around 10-14 packs of Festival Braid for a full head of box braids.

Festival Braid can be used to make natural-looking dreads with a crochet hook, but it doesn't work well for the twist-and-seal style of synth dreads.

Boiling water usually isn't quite hot enough to seal Festival Braid. Festival Braid will not shrink down like kanekalon, and will stay quite soft even when it's set. You can learn more about working with Festival Braid here.

This hair does not have an alkaline lye coating on it, but if you've got a sensitive scalp, it never hurts to do an ACV rinse anyway!

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