Colourcraft Acrylic Ink 28ml, Shimmering Orange

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Colourcraft acrylic ink in Shimmering Orange

Bottles of acrylic ink by Colourcraft are great for art projects, but you can also use them to tint synthetic hair extensions! Just mix the ink with 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, spray onto kanekalon or other synthetic hair, let it dry fully, then rinse gently in cold water. The ink will stick to the outside of the strands of the hair rather than working like regular hair dye. 

The ratio of ink and alcohol as well as the color of hair being tinted will have a huge impact on the color, so accurate swatches aren't really possible; it's best to use the color names as a general guide and play around with your mixture to get the desired color.

Size: 0.95 oz (28ml).

Color: Shimmering Orange.