Color Ring Tags, 10 Pieces

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Color Ring Tags, 10 Pieces

Build your own color ring with color ring tags! To assemble, thread hair through the hole (or tie it on), then use a hair cuff to clamp it down in place. Each pack comes with 10 tags and 10 7.5mm hair cuffs. Please note that styles and colors for the hair cuffs may vary. If you order multiple packs, we'll make sure all of the cuffs in your order match :)

Size: 1.25" long and 0.75" wide. The larger hole measures a little over 1/8" in diameter, and the smaller hole measures 1/8" in diameter.

Brand: I Kick Shins.

Color: Your choice of Baby Pink, Goldenrod, Neon Violet, or Red (Blue, Black, and Gold are now sold out). The hair cuffs that come with the tags will vary, but are usually silver or gold.

The last two product pictures show examples of color swatches made from these types of tags.