What Happens After I Place an Order?

What Happens After I Place an Order?

Posted by I Kick Shins on Apr 12th 2019

Short answer: we pack it up and ship it as fast as possible.

Long answer: get comfy, 'cause it's pretty long!


When you place an order with us and choose Amazon Pay, Paypal, or a credit card, your payment is processed automatically during checkout.

If you select Paypal Money Request as your payment method, we'll send you a request ASAP - usually within a few minutes if it's during business hours, although we've also been known to pop online and after closing on weekends to send them out if we catch them :) Once you pay the request, your order will move from "awaiting payment" into the "processing" queue.


Next up: packaging! Some of our IKS brand products are made (or at least packaged) to order.

  • High heat kanekalon: these are already bagged up, but we write the labels by hand and add them when we pack your order.
  • IKS glow in the dark braiding hair: This hair came from the factory on big spools, so when you order a pack of our glow in the dark hair, we cut it, bag it up, and label it all in house.
  • Hair beads and cuffs: We also package up and label some styles of hair beads and cuffs. If you order a few different colors or styles that are easy to tell apart, sometimes we'll pack them into one bag to be a little more environmentally friendly. If that's the case, it'll be noted on the bottom of your receipt.
  • Wig/weave clips: same deal as the hair beads. We bag them up to order and combine packaging whenever possible.

Glow braid, high heat, and hair cuffs packaged and labeled to order

Once your order's all packaged up, we finish it off by adding a sticker to the shipping label, because stickers are awesome. Sometimes they're seasonal or festive, and sometimes they're random. We usually change to a different sticker set once a month or so.

Some of our vast and mighty sticker collection - the ice cream ones (third from the left) are what we're using for April 2019

Carrier Pick-Ups

We schedule USPS carrier pick-ups every business day, Monday through Friday. Carrier pick-up means that our mail carrier picks up our outgoing packages when they come by the deliver our regular mail. In theory, they can come any time between 8 AM and 5 PM. Usually our carrier gets here in the afternoon, and the earliest anyone has ever come for one of our pick-ups has been 10 AM or so.

Because of the 8 AM-5 PM timeframe for pick-ups, our official cut-off for same day shipping is 8 AM. We generally try to package orders as quickly as possible right up until our mail carrier gets here, though, so oftentimes orders placed after 8 AM will still ship out same day. There's no need to contact us and ask for faster processing; if it's possible for us to do it, we will!

Most days, we announce on Twitter when our pick-up has been completed. If you see a post in our feed about outgoing packages been shipped, that means our pick-up is done for the day and any other orders that come in will ship out the next business day.

We are closed on weekends, but we usually try to make a quick run to the post office on Saturday mornings to ship out packages from Friday afternoon that come in after our carrier pick-up. Sometimes we don't have someone available to do a weekend post office run, though, so we recommend planning for your package to be shipped on Monday just in case.

Packages waiting to be picked up


When we print the shipping label for your order, you'll receive an e-mail from us with your tracking number. We print the labels immediately before or immediately after packing your order. If you receive a tracking number 5 minutes after ordering, YES, we really did package it up that fast!

You can use the tracking number to track your package at USPS.com or Stamps.com. We ship via USPS, so your tracking number will not work on sites like UPS, FedEx, or DHL. Those companies only provide tracking for packages shipped with them, not tracking for other services.

If you are outside the US, your package may be trackable through your country's postal service once it clears inbound customs. Sometimes, the local tracking will have more information than USPS or Stamps.com, so it's definitely worth checking. Canada Post's tracking, for example, is usually much more detailed than USPS once a package enters Canada.

Once the carrier picks up our outgoing packages, they finish their mail route and head back to the post office here in Pacifica. From there, packages are usually processed in San Francisco and then head out to their final destinations. The processing center in San Francisco isn't always great about scanning the packages they process, so if your tracking shows a package being picked up in Pacifica and still "pending receipt," don't worry, it's still on the way! The tracking will usually update within 2-5 days if they miss it in San Francisco.