UV Reactive Braiding Hair

UV Reactive Braiding Hair

Posted by I Kick Shins on Oct 11th 2019

Sometimes a blacklight will surprise you!

In general, bright and neon hair colors are UV reactive. That's not always the case, though; some very unexpected darker colors glow like crazy (like Emerald Green!), and some bright colors react very little, if at all.

In the coming months, we will be updating all of our product pages to show the UV reactive colors in all their glowy glory. For now, here's a complete list of all UV reactive colors for solid and blended colors for high heat kanekalon, kk jumbo braid, and marley braid.

Some of the blends on the list are a mix of UV and non-UV colors; the parts that do react are very bright, so the overall color is pretty glowy. Many other colors react slightly, but aren't particularly bright, so we've left them off the list.

Kanekalon Jumbo Braid

1001 Creamy White

1001/613 Creamy Blond

144 Gold

1B Off Black/Emerald Green Mix

1B Off Black/Hot Pink Mix

1B Off Black/Lime Green Mix

1B Off Black/Neon Violet Mix

1B Off Black/Orange Mix

1B Off Black with Red Tips

1B Off Black with Yellow Tips

51 Grey (RastAfri Classic)

60 Silver White

613 Platinum Blond

Azure Ombré



Bubblegum Ombré

Carnation Ombré


Cherry Red

Citrus Ombré

Coral Pink

Dark Mint Green

F.Blue Tropics (only the light minty blue-green)

F.Fairy Godmother (only the cool silver and greyish lavender parts)

F.Passion Fruit

F.Pink Passion (only the Pastel Pink and Pink parts)

F.Pink Sunkiss (only the Pink and Yellow parts)

F.Purple Fantasy (only the Lavender and Light Purple)

F.Tropical Berry (mostly the Light Purple, Pink, and light minty blue-green, but the Purple also reacts a tiny bit)


GSRB1B, GSRB27, and GSRB39 (only the orange/yellow parts)

Hot Pink

Ice Water

Iris Ombré


Lavish Purple

Lemon Lime Ombré

Light Blue

Light Gold

Lilac Ombré

Lime Green

M.Blue Tropics

M.Fairy Godmother

M.Purple Fantasy

Neon Lemon Lime

Neon Orange (RastAfri Freed'm Silky)

Neon Violet

Ocean Breeze



Pastel Green (RastAfri Freed'm Silky)

Pastel Pink

Pastel Yellow (RastAfri Freed'm Silky)



Petrol Green

Petrol Ombré


Pink Ombré

Pink Taffy

Platinum Blond

Red (RastAfri Freed'm Silky)

Powder Pink

Rose Gold

Seafoam Ombré


Sherbet Orange

Silk Dream

Sky Blue

Snow White

Starlight Ombré




Sweet Red

Violet Ombré


High Heat Kanekalon


Banana Split

Barbie Pink

Blizzard Blue


Blue Raspberry

Blue Silk

Blue Teal


Bright Blue

Bright Lilac

Buff Yellow

Burnt Orange



Coral Pink


Electric Pink

Electric Teal

English Rose

Forest Green

Grass Green

Hot Purple


Ice Pink

Lagoon Blue

Light Blue

Light Denim

Light Grey

Light Khaki

Light Pink

Light Sea Green


Lilac Grey


Maya Blue


Mustard Yellow

Neon Magenta

Neon Purple

Neon Tangerine

Neon Yellow

Ocean Green

Pale Blue

Pastel Blue


Persian Orange

Pink Crush

Pink Lilac


Pretty In Pink

Pure White

Raspberry Ice

Sea Lavender

Silver Blond

Strawberry Shortcake

Snow Blue

Snow Pink

Spring Green

Summer Pink

Summer Sky


Tranquil Blue

Tropical Blue

Turkish Delight


Vanilla Ice

Vibrant Purple

Vintage Pink

Warm Grey

Marley Braid

613 Platinum Blond

Hot Pink

Lavish Purple

Light Purple

Medium Purple

Neon Violet

Neon Yellow


Pearl Red

Periwinkle Redux

Petrol Green

Powder Pink

Rose Gold

What's Next?

We haven't finished testing multicolored kanekalon jumbo braid, multicolored high heat kanekalon, Amazon 3X, Mood Braid, or thermal hair; we'll update this post once those are done. If there's a particular color you're wondering about, contact us and we'll be happy to check it for you.

We have checked glow in the dark braiding hair; all colors and brands for that are UV reactive. Most of them react in various shades of bright blue or green.