Pre-Stretched Freed'm Silky Braid

Pre-Stretched Freed'm Silky Braid

Posted by I Kick Shins on Aug 14th 2019

Pre-stretched braiding hair has arrived with RastAfri's new Pre-Stretched Freed'm Silky Braid!

"Stretched," also known as "feathered" or "tapered" hair, has a gentle taper down at the ends instead of being a blunt line straight across like a normal pack of braiding hair. If you normally like to stretch your braiding hair before installing it, this is a great way to save time!

Pre-stretched ends on the left and regular ends on the right


RastAfri's Pre-Stretched Freed'm Silky line is made from the same soft, shiny Afrelle kanekalon fiber as their regular Freed'm Silky Braid. It's available 6 brand new blended ombré colors:

  • 1B Off Black with Red Tips
  • 1B Off Black with Burnt Orange Tips
  • 1B Off Black with Yellow Tips
  • 1B Off Black with Cobalt Blue Tips
  • 1B Off Black with Dark Plum Tips
  • T30/27 Light Auburn with Strawberry Blond Tips

As well as 5 colors that are also available from the regular Freed'm Silky Braid line:

  • 1 Black
  • 1B Off Black
  • 27 Strawberry Blond
  • 30 Light Auburn
  • T1B/BG Red Wine with Burgundy Tips

Package Size

Pre-Stretched Freed'm Silky Braid comes in 80g packs just like the regular Freed'm Silky Braid, but it tends to be braided a little bit more tightly inside of the packaging, so it looks like there's less hair at first glance.

Here you can see what T1B/BG looks like in the packs and out of it for both styles:

In both pictures, the pre-stretched hair is on the left and the regular Freed'm Silky is on the right

Pretty big difference, huh?

But if you hold them together at the top, you can see the bundles are the same size.

Pre-stretched on the left and regular Freed'm Silky on the right

Pre-stretched on the left and regular Freed'm Silky on the right

More To Come!

Pre-Stretched Freed'm Silky Braid is the first pre-stretched hair we have available, but there's more to come. Check back in the next few weeks for RastAfri's Amazon 3X Pre-Stretched braiding hair, which comes in some seriously exciting new colors!