New Color Name: Flesh Is Now Called Peach Bloom

New Color Name: Flesh Is Now Called Peach Bloom

Posted by I Kick Shins on Jan 20th 2020

Back in late 2016, Diversity Hair decided to stop manufacturing hair extensions and we bought up most of their old stock.

That stock included a dark, peachy high heat kanekalon color called Flesh. Sorting through an entire company’s worth of brand new inventory was a monumental task; one way we got through it as quickly as we did was to keep as many of their original color names as possible. Flesh was one of those names.

The thing is, there are a lot of different shades of "flesh," and this particular hair color doesn't really represent any of them. With that in mind, we are renaming Flesh, and it is now called Peach Bloom.

We’re including the old name in our internal product tags so you can still search for it, but we’re using the new name everywhere else from here on out. If you’ve got the product page bookmarked under the old name, it will redirect to the new one.

If you purchased a high heat kanekalon color ring in the past and would like a new label to update your tag to say Peach Bloom, contact us and we’ll be happy to mail you one!