Introducing Sparkle Braid!

Introducing Sparkle Braid!

Posted by I Kick Shins on Apr 23rd 2019

Sparkle and shine with our exclusive new blends of high heat kanekalon and tinsel!

High Heat Sparkle Braid is a blend of high heat kanekalon braiding hair and hair tinsel. Our first four colors are all 90% high heat and 10% tinsel, though we've got plans for other colors later on that will have different ratios ;)


Pink Sugar



  • Aquamarine is 90% Aqua high heat kanekalon and 10% Turquoise hair tinsel
  • Pink Sugar is 90% Light Pink high heat kanekalon and 10% Fuchsia hair tinsel
  • Treasure is 90% Vanilla high heat kanekalon and 10% Gold hair tinsel
  • Stargazer is 90% Bright Lilac high heat kanekalon and 10% Purple hair tinsel

Treasure Sparkle Braid is a little bit darker and more golden than the saran/tinsel blend with the same name. We will be discontinuing the saran/tinsel blend once our current stock sells out.

Hair tinsel, especially the long/straight packs, can be pretty unwieldy to work with. It tangles easily when it comes out of the packs and tends to pick up static and fly around like nobody's business. Combining it with high heat kanekalon helps keep that from happening, and it saves you some hand-blending time since that part's already done.

High heat kanekalon and hair tinsel can both withstand styling tools (like straighteners and curling irons) on low settings - so have fun and get creative! :)