All About Instagram

All About Instagram

Posted by I Kick Shins on Apr 2nd 2021

Wanna be featured on our social media? Here's how!

Instagram Posts

As of May 2020, we are only posting photos to our Instagram feed if they were submitted to us for the Photo Discount. We have enacted this policy to ensure that we have explicit permission to post; a tag just isn't enough to confirm that. This also helps us write accurate captions, because submissions for the discount require information on which products are shown in the photo.

Tagged Posts

We share most @ikickshins and #ikickshins tagged posts to our stories. We try to limit it to 5-10 at a time and usually only do stories a few times per week. It may take a while for your post to be shared, but we do our best to share all of them eventually! :)

If your story or post doesn't get shared, it's likely for one of the following reasons:

  • Your profile is set to private. If your profile is private, we won't be able to see that you've tagged us.
  • Your profile is public, but you have sharing disabled. We respect your privacy and will not share posts if you have that type of sharing disabled.
  • You went back to an older post and edited the caption to add the #ikickshins tag. We don't get notifications for those and Instagram's tags are sorted by most recent, so sometimes we just don't see the older ones. If you want us to see an older post, we recommend also tagging @ikickshins, because that way we'll get a notification.


If you tag @ikickshins in a story, we will usually share your post to our stories as well.

We are closed on weekends, so if you tag us in a story between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning, it will be expired by the time we start work on Monday. Pretty much everything else will get a share, though :)

Photo Discount

If you've already tagged us in a photo and we've shared it to our stories, your photo is still eligible for the Photo Discount (and can still be posted to our feed later on if you send it in). Please use the submission form on our website or email your photos to us at if you'd like to submit photos for the discount.

Tagging us in a photo in Instagram does not automatically generate a discount code (man, wouldn't it be cool if it did?), and we aren't able accept photo submissions via DMs.

Brand Ambassadors

Sorry, but we do not have a brand ambassador program and do not have plans to start one for the foreseeable future.