Angelina Fiber

Angelina fiber is a type of fusible fiber that can be sealed with heat. Depending on the color, it can look shiny, sparkly, metallic, iridescent, or a combination. It can be used on synthetic dreads, roving, and for various arts and crafts to add a bit of sparkle and shine. 

To add to synthetic dreads, pull small amounts of Angelina fiber throughout the backcombed hair. A latch hook or crochet needle works great for this, or you can just nestle it into the dread with your fingers. It also helps to roll the chunk of fiber you're working with between your hands for a bit; this will help prevent shedding while you're working it into the dread. When you twist and seal the dread, the Angelina fiber will fuse to the hair. 

Angelina fiber is fragile and comes in short strands, so it won't work for making an entire dread. 

To add to roving or human hair dreads, make the dreads first, then add the Angelina fiber to the finished product. It doesn't take a lot of heat to seal it; a hair dryer on low or held at a distance should be sufficient.

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