12" Spring Afro Twist, 33 Dark Auburn

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12" Spring Afro Twist, 33 Dark Auburn
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This product is a sample from a manufacturer that went out of business a few years ago. Our current stock is all we have available, and we will not be getting in more once it sells out.

This product has not been tested to see if it has an alkaline lye coating. We recommend doing an ACV rinse before wearing in case there is a coating on it.

Style: Spring Afro Twist.

Length: 12" folded, 24" unfolded (30 cm folded, 60 cm unfolded).

Weight: 1.25 oz (36 g).

Texture: Fluffy and kinky sectioned hair that's similar to marley braid, except there are corkscrew curls up near the folded part and down at the ends.

Color: 33 Dark Auburn.