10mm Star Charm Hair Cuffs, 6 Pieces

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10mm Star Charm Hair Cuffs, 6 Pieces

Hair cuffs come in packs of 6 and measure about 10 mm in diameter when they're completely closed. They're easily bendable, though, so you can squeeze them onto larger dreads if you leave a small gap in the back, or you can double up two at a time and make one really big cuff instead. Each cuff has a star-shape charm attached.

Size: 10 mm x 8 mm.

Brand: Beauty Town.

Color: Gold or Silver.

In the seventh and eighth pictures, Loren (Etsy / Facebook / Instagram / Website) is wearing cuffs in Gold on twists made from Festival Braid in Unicorn.

In the ninth picture, Monique is wearing cuffs in Gold and Crystal Hair Jewels on braids in Blizzard Blue, M.Blue Tropics, M.Deep Blue Sea, Midnight Blue, Navy Blue Redux, and Ocean Breeze.